Thursday, October 21, 2010

Individual Character! Avant Browser Skin easily create

The author is a loyal overseas customers Avant Browser is a fan of the letter of the skin. The software installed on the system, both instant messaging tools, all kinds of audio and video tools, or input method, use is unique skin, the young must individuation Well. Many use the Avant browser, friend might ask, from where the skin can be downloaded to the Avant documents? Downloaded from the Internet, so OUT of it, these days are particular about a "do it yourself and clothing." We should be pleased that, Avant offers a completely free Skinmaker.

Tip: Avant is a very high popularity in the United States the use of IE as the core browser software, which is a Chinese-American author of the software is small, less than 2MB. According to the data from the first download site, the current Avant browser 24,024,668 downloads firmly ahead of the amazing title of browser software, and Firefox as we know, travel, Opera thrown far behind. It can be said, Avant Browser is very popular in the United States shall browser software.

Skinmaker the body is very slim, only 900 Kb, download back extract to any folder and run abskin.exe to start the skin editor (Figure 1). Process the lower right corner of the skin editor to set options related to the menu and the upper is the effect of the preview area on the left is the prompt area. Do not be intimidated by the software interface in English, in fact, very good Skinmaker ease of use, even if such standards as the English writer blind, you can quickly get started.

Figure 1 Avant Browse skin production

Here we set the options one by one to understand the specific function: Visual Style The following shows the different visual styles, after clicking on the side of the area can be shown in the results; click on an icon, choose the appropriate picture file replaces the original icon. Pictures of different locations, different scales: large toolbar icons: 24 pixels by 24 pixels; small icon toolbar: 16 pixels by 16 pixels; system toolbar buttons: 13 pixels by 13 pixels; other icon sizes shall be as follows: 16 pixels by 16 pixels. For the image format, PNG format is recommended. How to get PNG format pictures? Run Photoshop software, open a picture file, click the File menu, choose Save As command (shortcut key is Shift + Ctrl + S), pop-up dialog box shown in Figure 2, select the PNG format can.

Figure 2 pictures saved as PNG formats

Tips: PNG image is lossless compression image format, picture quality very high, and Alpha channel PNG support transparent manner, it can be achieved with the interface elements (such as buttons) translucent effect. A variety of Windows platforms, PNG support is not exactly the same database performance. Therefore, we recommend using PNG format images as the button's icon.

Not only can change the icon, even font color of the toolbar at the progress of loading, the top and bottom of the background can be easily personalized changes. For example, change the page load progress display color, can directly click the color under the Progress Bar Color button, select the appropriate color can be (Figure 3). When Save the skin file and set as the default skin, open a new page will display the progress of their loads defined color (Figure 4), how, very comfortable, right? Other relatively simple set of methods, not repeat them here . Can play to their wisdom, to customize the unique skin.

Figure 3 Select the appropriate color

Figure 4 defines the load progress of the color of their own

Upon completion of all the settings, do not forget to save a good production of the skin file, click the Save button and enter the file name. Save address of the proposed installation directory into the Avant Skins folder (Figure 5), then the Avant browser from the "Tools - skin" Direct call (Figure 6), a complete mapping of their own skin on into the eyes of the. If you make a good skin, may wish to submit to the Forum and the majority of Avant Avant fans to share under a lot of skin can be produced here, oh master.

Figure 5 produced a good save the skin file

Figure 6 has been called the skin

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Monday, October 11, 2010

SYBASE Services


This article describes the database transaction isolation level on the impact of the lock, by comparing the transaction isolation level 0 and 1, to understand the relationship between the lock and dirty time.

Experiment: set 0 and 1 respectively, isolation level, the implementation of two different but related issues there. The experimental environment is as follows:

1, the right to access the user database (in this case aca_database) and modify database tables and queries have permissions.

2, the database contains tables auths, including salary column (data type is money), there is a certain amount of data (in 1 million lines).


1, as in the same machine, can be performed separately two "SQL Advantage", respectively legitimate account login, prepare their own implementation of a transaction.

2 Open the user interface in their database aca_database, set the isolation level to 1 (also goes for the default value):

set transaction isolation level 1, see the current isolation level using select @ @ isolation

3, the implementation of the first two sentences of the first transaction, suspending and later committed or rolled back.

begin transaction

update auths set salary = salary +100

commit transaction

(Rollback transaction)

4, the implementation of the second transaction select sum (salary) from auths

5, the end of the normal execution of a transaction, but only changes in the memory buffer to complete the transaction and did not really end, do not release the corresponding lock, the second transaction in the wait state. Executable sp_lock and sp_who command.

6, step 3 in order to submit or rollback, the second transaction to be implemented.

7, to change the transaction isolation level is 0, repeat steps 3-4. No change in the first transaction, the second transaction will soon come under the first transaction is made to modify the data results, it seems that the implementation of the response on the first transaction is not subject to influence.

8 Repeat step 6 the end.

Through the above experiments we know that:

1, transaction isolation level 0 allows dirty read transaction isolation level 1, does not allow dirty read, but rather wait for real before the end of a modified transaction and release the lock.

2, isolation level 0, if the modification is to rollback the last transaction, then the query time transaction will not read the correct data.

3, satisfied that there is no rollback transaction possible, and called for greater efficiency and parallel implementation, only then we may consider setting isolation level to 0.

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TV Shopping busy to make a fuss in the credibility of the

The credibility of TV shopping industry has hindered the development of consumer product quality problems are most afraid of, the business is not to return. However, if the TV shopping can pay in installments, and a bank acting as intermediaries guarantee return of the product are not satisfied at any time, whether the consumer will be satisfied?

TV shopping is becoming more and more standardized. In recent days, TV shopping company Acorn International, announced on behalf of: The Bank of China, Shanghai Bank, try to use the credit card settlement payment installments. This shows that TV shopping company hopes to raise professional integrity the image of banks in order to attract more enterprises to use TV shopping sales methods.

Marriage banks raise credibility

At least three national TV shopping companies and banks have been handling hire and other services, for the most important person to enhance credibility.

Reporter was informed that Acorn is not the first marriage of Bank of television shopping business. Pushing a single product-oriented than Acorn, TV shopping sales department store format has already lead the way enterprises. June 2006, known as "domestic first real home shopping company," Eastern CJ has to begin and China Construction Bank, Bank of China, Pudong Development Bank, Shanghai Bank, signed an agreement to start trying to use credit card installment payment method .

In June this year, China Merchants Bank and Hunan buy happiness together announced the two sides reached a willingness to cooperate, "Happy strokes" in the South, specifically including the whole territory of Hunan, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Dongguan and other places began to be settled by credit card installment .

By Acorn, for example, settled in this way, only banks and TV shopping companies jointly launch a new credit card, consumers can purchase "fee-free installments," "interest-free installments," "free Delivery costs ", which greatly simplifies the ordering process, from the" orders "," authorization application "to" home delivery ", playing a" 400 "Order phone solved.

Bank involvement brought about not only fast, but also to enhance the credibility of degrees. Eastern Jin Xing Shou CJ's CEO, said this stage, "Building trust will be our first five years of the most important task", and and the banks to raise money Xing keep that reputation is a good way.

To attract large companies to enter

For the sales department-based TV shopping Yetai is because a large TV shopping sales, large companies such sales methods are becoming more and more attention, the various cooperation with the Bank will also stimulate these large enterprises to enter.

The TV shopping, especially on television before "garbage time" to promote some products, consumers remain worried. The merchants do not want to rush into. Wanda Square in Beijing, the office, doing high-end sports equipment, said agency business Zhang repeated at least three years will not choose TV shopping: "Even if banks involved can not explain this TV shopping can establish a good reputation. Now most of the TV shopping in the same position, product quality has not greatly improved. "

Zhang's view was a lot of corporate identity, but the view is too biased, because he may not belong to products sold on TV shopping for products sold. Suitable for many products sold on TV shopping platform and the performance impressive.

Chen Gang, chairman of Hunan buy happiness, said Founder happy purchase in 1000 within a month sold Founder notebook computer, HP sold in one day more than 300 Hewlett-Packard laptop.

Lenovo is also planning to increase its TV shopping sales platform, product launch, the Hunan-Jiangxi, general manager of the Mathematics Division told reporters, Lenovo will be happy next year to provide 150 million yuan purchase Lenovo products. So far from April 2006, and the seven stars of TV shopping, sun and shopping enterprise cooperation has been more than a dozen mobile phone brands.

"It is said Nokia, Motorola and other international and domestic brands have a number of television shopping business cooperation." Acorn said Hu Wei, head of the International Public Relations.

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Fireworks produced hidden color photo

Before the burst of popularity these hidden color photo (in the IE browser, Ctrl + A Select All will become color), I believe many people will be produced using Photoshop, Fireworks click here to re-wordy way of production. Those who do can directly pass.

Source file:

1, open a color image, copy the layer out, make sure the two aligned.

2, create a 2x2 px canvas, pencil points, two points, as shown (below is amplified), and save.

3, back to deal with the picture, draw a complete map of the black rectangle covering the source, and set the rectangle with the canvas top left corner (0,0) of aligned, rectangular "texture" is set to just make the little picture, " total texture "to 100%.

4, select the rectangle and copy the source image, "Edit - mask - combination of mask."

5, after the image of the mask to add "hue saturation" effect, and set the "Hue" to -180 or 180 (anti-hue).

6, export higher quality format, complete.

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Progressive learning Power Builder 6.0 - Chapter What is PowerBuilder

Chapter What is PowerBuilder

PowerBuilder start learning, first to make clear what the problem is that PowerBuilder, it is used to doing, what its characteristics. PowerBuilder only know the functions and characteristics of the host, we can know when to use PowerBuilder as our application development tools.

1.1 What is PowerBuilder

We know that the database application is the current computer applications a very important aspect of database applications in the current technology is widely used in client / server architecture, in this architecture, all the data and database management systems on the server, the client through the use of standard SQL statements, etc. to access the server data in the database. Because of this architecture, the data and data management are unified on the server. To ensure data security and integrity, but also can take advantage of the characteristics of high-performance servers. Because client / server architecture of these advantages, and have been very widely used.

PowerBuilder is a popular database application development tool manufacturer PowerSoft launched products (PowerSoft database vendor Sybase has been acquired), it is entirely in accordance with client / server architecture, research design, client / server architecture, it used client machine, as the database application development tools exist. As the use of object-oriented PowerBuilder and visualization technology to provide visual application development environment, so we use the PowerBuilder, you can quickly and easily develop a server using the background data and database management systems database applications.

At present, the rapid development of network technology, with the attendant development, there are OLE, OCX, cross-platform technologies, and in the latest version of PowerBuilder 6.0 PowerBuilder provides full support for these technologies. In short in the areas of database development tool, PowerBuilder is one of the very good one, we can use it to develop powerful database applications.

1.2 PowerBuilder features

PowerBuilder provides the most popular relational database management system support, as in PowerBuilder applications to the database access part of the commonly used international standard database query language SQL, so applications developed with PowerBuilder can not do modify or changes can only do a small amount of background in the different database management systems use. Means that applications developed with PowerBuilder is independent of the server database management system.

And, like most WINDOWS applications, PowerBuilder is event-driven work. In this work in the program's operation is not a fixed process, procedures in the code is for a variety of possible incidents 缂栧啓 of when the program starts running Zhihou, it can accept from Xitong, the user Huozhe other Yingyong program Chufa events, and then implement the corresponding event code. Event-driven way of working with object-oriented technology are closely related, in the PowerBuilder application, acceptance of events is usually the program interface in a variety of visual objects.

PowerBuilder is an object-oriented development tools, all kinds of WINDOWS applications common window, menus, controls, etc. are all one by one in the PowerBuilder object. In PowerBuilder, we can also create their own user object. Of particular note is the PowerBuilder object-oriented approach provides the full support of various technologies, we can use the object oriented method of encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism and other features make the applications developed with our great reusability and scalability, and this is the application of software engineering in the important goals made.

At present, due to the development of network technology, many different operating system platforms to be used in the INTERNET while online, which is the development of cross-platform applications put forward higher requirements, and PowerBuilder to provide a good cross-platform , such as PowerBuilder, the use of a variety of objects WINDOWS platform can be easily applied to the UNIX platform, because the PowerBuilder support cross-platform nature of the object. This allows the application from one platform to another platform to become not complicated.

In order to provide support in all aspects, PowerBuilder has its own programming language POWERSCRIPT, this language in addition to providing basic flow control statements, it also provides hundreds of functions to manipulate the various objects and services such as DDE, OLE and other support. In addition, we can also define your own functions to deal with specific events. Learn a considerable portion of the time when PowerBuilder is used to understand and become familiar with PowerBuilder provides a variety of functions.

PowerBuilder made a big feature of the concept of the data window object. PowerBuilder DataWindow object is an object of type, and other different groups, the data window object is designed to access back-end database services, in the data window object, we define the data source and data display style, so that application, we can focus exclusively on running the program flow control, rather than the specific source of the data concerned, because we in the data window object has defined the data source. If you need to use different data in the database as long as the window object to modify the data on it. Of particular note is the PowerBuilder object in the data window provides a wealth of data displayed to meet different needs.

In newer versions of PowerBuilder provides the basis for library PFC, application development it provides a number of predefined reusable classes and objects, use basic library PFC can quickly develop high quality applications and reused. Really play a great power of object-oriented programming.

Finally to be noted that there are three different versions of PowerBuilder were DESKTOP type, PROFESSIONAL type, and ENTERPRISE type, DESKTOP type is for personal use of desktop applications, where you can use the built-in database management system PowerBuilder SYBASE SQL ANYWHERE to create and use the local database for individual applications; PROFESSIONAL type the most important point is that PowerBuilder provides MICROSOFT ODBC (database of standard connection interface) support, in the PROFESSIONAL version of PowerBuilder we can use inheritance, polymorphism Most features such as; in the ENTERPRISE version of the most important thing is to provide for development of large database applications and comprehensive support for developing large applications provide many auxiliary tools, such as C + + CLASS BUILDER so.

1.3 PowerBuilder database connection

Database front-end development tools and database management system back-connection is a very important issue. PowerBuilder provides two ways to access back-end database, an ODBC standard interface by the way, the second is through a dedicated interface to the database connected with the background.

ODBC's Chinese name is an open database connection, it is Microsoft's proposed standard database connection using ODBC connected database, the first step is to create a data source, such as we can use the WINDOWS Control Panel under the "32 BIT ODBC" option to create a database-driven data sources, data source is created, we can use the local computer to access the data source defined in the database data in the background.

We can also special interface with a database back-connected, the specialized interface is the background for a particular database management system designed, so the speed of access to data in this way than with ODBC access to data means faster number, if Our application is only for specific types of back-end database, of course, using special interface to access background information faster.

On the basic concepts and features of PowerBuilder on the introduction to this, then we will truly enter into the wonderful world of PowerBuilder.


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321 Soft DVD Ripper

321 Soft DVD Ripper can convert DVD Movie to MPEG, AVI, VCD, SVCD on-the-fly with excellent video/audio quality and high ripping speed.

321 Soft DVD Ripper supports choosing different language audio and subtitles before converting. And it also support choices between NTSC and PAL settings.

321 Soft DVD Ripper supports different output video zoom mode or resizing the output video. According to your original DVD disc's properties, you may switch among four modes Letter Box, Medium, Pan Scan, Full screen to get the best video size for converting. And you may also select to resize the output video and enter a width and height for the output video manually.

In the main window, it supports playing and previewing your DVD movie with accurate control.

321 Soft DVD Ripper supports ripping by several methods: a whole disc, selected charpters, or a clip with start/end points, this way allows you extract any part in a DVD to an MPEG or AVI video file.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

A.V. Music Morpher

AV Music Morpher is a creative one-stop audio editor software for both the most inexperienced and Pros. It includes: Voice morpher to change singer voice in two dimensions, voice pitch and voice timbre, to be either man, woman, or characterized; Tempo morpher change tempo to faster or slower; Beat tracking with various preset beats, bongos and drum loops; Cher modulation to create Cher effect; 32 real-time single effects which can be combined up to 4 layers; and other audio optimizing tools: advanced tune, beat tracking quality controller, frequency morpher, equalizer. Powerful tools for setting treble, bass, stereo, surround and making effects archive. Advance Morpher works as an effect mixer, enabling user to edit special effects and mix them limitlessly to create new, complex effects. External plug-in effects can be added to your effects library. Morpher and Advanced Morpher can morph music in real time, thus giving a new experience to music listening. They can also morph an audio file to a new file in another format, thus working as a converter to convert files between 10 supported formats: mp3, mp2, wav, wma, ape, ogg, au... Another major tool is Wave Editor (aka Audio Editor), a built-in audio editor to edit sound files in a wave chart. Wave Editor enables user to zoom, copy, cut, paste segment of sample and then save as new file. Wave Editor allows multi track mixing to add background music to voice recording or make duet songs. The MP3 player and recorder are developed to record sound from microphone, then save recorded file to many formats; and it is compatible with karaoke players to record karaoke singing. Not only can it morph sound files, convert formats, and edit audio files, AV Music Morpher is also a CD maker and film maker. It provides ripping and burning tools to rip cda tracks from CD to hard disk, burn audio files from hard disk to CD, and burn data CD/DVD. Cover editor will help complete the CD/DVD with label, inlay and cover.